We are community members dedicated to bringing the fastest, most reliable internet at the best cost to all areas—we venture where many will not, to ensure our customers are served.


We provide internet and security services to business & residential areas. At ValleyInternet, we believe that internet is a necessary utility. We have trained experts who take care to ensure that the process is as flawless as possible. We almost always send two technicians on installs to ensure quality work and cable integrity–which can really effect quality.

How does it work?

Why Choose Us?

We’re Fast.

Low power wireless technology is used to connect hilltops and valleys and bring fiber speed internet where no fiber wire has gone before.

We’re Reliable.

We have a full team of support technicians
ready to provide support at any time.
Consistency is a top priority for us.

No Strings Attached.

We’re so confident that you’ll love our ValleyInternet SmartWave we don’t need to lock you into a contract to keep your business.

True Partnership.

Each installation is unique and handled with
care. We are in the business of making
lasting relationships.


We’re only as successful as the community around us. Giving back and donating our time and services is very important to us.

Need More Reasons?

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