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10 Seconds to Faster Internet

Turn off your router for faster internet.

Power cycling your router regularly (once every 4-6 weeks) can help with many performance issues. It’s essential for your router’s effectiveness and the overall health of your internet connection.


Just like our brains, our routers store a lot of useless information. Sure, some of the data stored is very useful like, this packet must be delivered there, but some can become corrupted like a jumbled up game of “telephone” or even completely highjack the memory preventing the router from running at full capacity. By power cycling, the router erases the information stored in the devices RAM, freeing it from the clunky overload of unnecessary information—a fresh start. We like to think of it as giving your router a moment of zen. Just like an overburdened mind during a crisis, the firmware of your router can also become overwhelmed, cloudy and unproductive when we’re constantly maxing out the bandwidth on our internet connection. Power cycling says to the system, take a timeout, get rid of all that unnecessary junk bogging you down, and start fresh!

But come on, do I really have to wait 10 seconds?

Yes, yes you do. And here’s why. As much as we like to think about all the magical things that could be happening during that 10 seconds, it’s actually not quite as mystical as it sounds. Most modern devices have capacitors that store energy inside them when a current is run through them. Without current running through them they will discharge, but takes about 10 seconds for the capacitors to release enough energy for the router to fully power down. Just think of this as your moment of zen too, or get in some cardio by doing 10 jumping jacks.