Network Status – Oct 19 @ 10:00am

There are multiple outages caused by fire and power outages: Atlas Peak and Wildhorse relays are high priority rebuild. Rebuilds are scheduled for Friday, October 20th through Wednesday, October 25th. These relays serve: Napa Atlas Peak Capell Valley Dry Creek / Mt. Veeder Upper Soda Canyon Wildhorse Valley North Dry Creek / Oakville Grade relay is running on generator. This relay … Continued

Outages around Napa County

Due to the fires and power outages around the county, there are several network outages including parts of: Napa, including Monticello Rd, and Atlas Peak area Wall Rd and Dry Creek Calistoga Due to the extensive damage caused by the fires, network support is operating in emergency mode and will respond to inquiries as quickly … Continued

All Systems Go!

Maintenance in the Circle Oaks area

This Friday afternoon, residents in the Circle Oaks and nearby areas may have experienced multiple brief disconnections or outages as our techs upgrade relay hardware.  We do not expect any single disconnection to last more than a couple minutes. The end result of this new hardware will be faster and more stable links in the … Continued

All Systems Go!

Circle Oaks Outage

The relay serving parts of the Circle Oaks community is offline for unknown reasons. A technician is en route to troubleshoot. Service will be restored or this message will be updated by 5pm.

All Systems Go!

Blue Ridge Oaks Area Outage

We experienced service interruptions for a limited number of customers in the Blue Ridge Oaks area in West Napa beginning Friday afternoon. These outages were possibly related to the high temperatures affecting equipment. We visited the relay serving this area early Saturday morning to replace equipment and restore service.

All systems go!

Pope Valley Outage

The relay serving parts of Pope Valley was offline due to a bad battery. A technician was dispatched this morning and service was restored at about 10am. Several small outages may follow this afternoon as we replace the bad batteries.